Successful journey is always accompanied by honesty, Sincerity and Integrity -Krish

About Can Global

CAN Global consult was formed in 2007 as part of 2126514 Ontario Inc and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The business interest is diversified and provides its service to clients worldwide. We are a ‘Business without any borders”. The current scenario demands a “one stop shop” service for all client needs whether Individuals or corporate. We are a “Kai-Zen” concept following company. Network of relationship and combined experience of over 60 years has brought in respect amidst the business communities. CAN Global Consult wishes to foster this strong bondage and relationship on permanent basis. Technology has bought the world closer so much so that virtual business and services has become a reality. CAN Global consult is the result of such innovations and investment in technology.


Provide out-of-the-box strategy in all spheres of our activity; ensure all round SUCCESS putting the clients’ interest first to promote a win/win situation and at all times operate with strict and highest level of integrity.

Our Approach

Think outside of the box- strategically Make the impossible “happen” - anyhow

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to follow the above approach diligently and work towards the utmost interest of the clients towards their capital preservation, business and profit motives.


SAM ALOORU holds B. Com, PG in Finance, Accounting Designations Advance Diploma in IT Networking, and certifications in Banking. His experience of over 28 years spans over Accounting, Finance, Audit, Financial Management, Financial services, Trading, Advertising and Marketing. On the creative side, the role has stretched far beyond the core competency to include ad campaigns, financial services, Initial Public Offer [IPO], product launch, product development, marketing and Corporate development in various countries. He has travelled across many countries and has the credit of establishing many companies across Canada, India and Middle East.