2126514 Ontario Inc operates under the following names based on the type of activity.
CAN Global Consult is the first company / division of 2126514 Ontario Inc.

  • Wholesale Food stuff – Overseas and Domestic
  • Household products under Open Import license
  • Religious decorative laminates, articles, Vaastu and Fengshui articles
  • Trading in Non-Food stuff and Items of household in nature
  • Dresses, Garments, Native and Ethnic fashions, Hosiery
  • Old and Antique pieces of goods for home and office décor
  • Trading as Sales Agents for overseas companies and products
  • Electronic and Technical products under Open General License
  • Trading in Solar Panels and related items

  • Below the line and Above the line advertising
  • Serving entire Ontario with focus on GTA and other nearby cities
  • Above the Line and Below the Line Advertising and Marketing
  • Full Ad campaign, Direct Mail and Mass Mail campaigns
  • Banner ads, Bus Panel, Cross Sell and Interexchange ads
  • Digital Marketing, Product Launch and promotions globally
  • Brand- Creation, Launch, Promotion, International affiliation
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Print, Mass, Social Media and creative Advertising
  • International brand promotion/ affiliation
  • Affiliate marketing and Online sales and promotions
  • Launching and promoting talents – Academic and Film Industry
  • Writing Reviews – Product, Film, Documentaries
  • Organizing and Managing Events – Industry and Sector specific

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