2126514 Ontario Inc operates under the following names based on the type of activity.
CAN Global Consult is the first company / division of 2126514 Ontario Inc.

  • Educating and Training students and employees on Practical Accounting
  • Certificate courses in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Preparing students for Accounting and Finance Professional Exams
  • Training students for Banking, Financial Services and IT exams

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction books
  • Novels, Story books, Books for Child and personality development
  • Souvenir, Annual / Special Event Magazines/ Subscriptions
  • Directory publishing – Print / Digital or both
  • Innovative and Conceptual Signature diaries and Calendar
  • Portfolio of Models and Artists and Celebrities
  • Books of Discount and Freebies coupons
  • Innovative marketing through cross and upsell
  • Social, Spiritual and Community related books and Magazines

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